Majestic and fierce - CHARLIZE THERON as the Evil Queen Ravenna in “Snow White & the Huntsman”.  Forget the rest of the cast, Queen Ravenna is all I’m gonna remember!  

I saw the movie yesternight with my friends and boy was it predictable.  I’m not saying it’s bad - but it’s really predictable.  There wasn’t any surprising twist except for the 6-packed huntsman.  But of course the whole movie’s pretty amazing.  It’s CHARLIZE FRICKIN THERON you guys!  Snow White is forever a beautiful fiction.  But here, okay.  I was rooting for Queen Ravenna the whole time.  When at the happy ending they crowned Snow White as the new queen and everyone went “aaaawwww” - I was grieving for Queen Ravenna at the corner.  Boo.

Snow White’s only become destined because she’s the daughter of her parents.  Like how some big / famous people are nowadays, they’re only what they are because of their name and because of their heritage.  The Queen Ravenna’s of this world are the ones who should be given more recognition.  They didn’t come from the richest / prominent families but they possess power within them that when unleashed - could actually powderize a strong castle from floor to ceiling.  They may be wicked but behind their villain character is only a soul who’s suffered so much.  Most of the time, they’re actually the ones who possess the wildest beauty and say the most sensible words.  If Queen Ravenna wasn’t smart, she wouldn’t have been able to scheme intelligently and conquer the kingdom.  But even with her powers, Queen Ravenna knew that she couldn’t expect 100% loyalty from anyone.  She’s independent.  She may kill to survive (but that’s totally evil and I can’t argue with that)  - but she doesn’t depend on others to rescue her, or die for her or bring her back to life.  

"I will give this wretched world the Queen it deserves."  - Queen Ravenna

"You see child, love always betrays us." - Queen Ravenna

"Do you hear that? It’s the sound of battles fought and lives lost. It once pained me to know that I am the cause of such despair. But now their cries give me strength. Beauty is my power." - Queen Ravenna

I love you Charlize Theron!!!